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Eco server hosting helps you play your games with superior performance without any interruptions. A server hosting platform for Eco will provide players with a dedicated gaming server that uses modern hardware, ensuring a better gameplay experience.

Eco is a multiplayer simulation game released on 6 February 2018. It was developed and published by Strange Loop Games, and is available on Microsoft Windows, Linux, and macOS. The game allows players to collaborate and build a world where they can live a sustainable lifestyle.To survive, players must care about nutrition and natural resources to maintain a good environment.

The Geekflare team has tested and chosen the best Eco server hosting platforms, based on factors such as performance, hardware, price, security, and maximum player slots.

  • 1. Indifferent Broccoli
  • 2. Apex Hosting
  • 3. Host Havoc
  • 4. PingPerfect
  • 5. Shockbyte
  • 6. Nitrado
  • 7. G-Portal
  • 8. 4NetPlayers
  • 9. OVHcloud
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1. Indifferent Broccoli

Indifferent Broccoli offers an exceptional hosting experience tailored to ECO, the collaborative ecological simulation game. Immerse yourself in the virtual world of sustainable living and resource management, knowing that Indifferent Broccoli seamlessly handles all technical aspects.

Indifferent Broccoli’s cutting-edge hardware ensures a lag-free gaming experience. Their ECO servers boast high-RAM machines with an impressive 128GB RAM, guaranteeing smooth gameplay and a responsive environment. With strategically located data centers across North America and Europe, enjoy top-tier performance wherever you are.

One of Indifferent Broccoli’s standout features is their exceptional customer support. Join their bustling Discord server and connect with the dedicated “Broccolini” customer service team, available 24/7. Whether you’re new to Eco or facing in-game challenges, they’re friendly, knowledgeable, and ready to assist you.

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Embark on your journey to create an eco-friendly civilization and stop the meteor doomsday with Indifferent Broccoli’s hassle-free hosting. They offer a two-day free trial with no upfront payment information required.

Indifferent Broccoli Pricing

The Eco servers by Indifferent Broccoli start at $6.99 monthly for 4 player slots.

2. Apex Hosting

Explore a dedicated game server for your Eco games with Apex Hosting and experience good gameplay with your friends.

As an Eco player, I could get full FTP access and control over the game server settings. I found Apex Hosting’s configurations simpler, which helped me spend less time configuring the server and more playing the game. In addition, I enjoyed its unlimited player slots, automatic backups, updates, and 24/7 ticket and live chat support.

9 Best Eco Server Hosting to Use in 2024 | Geekflare (2)

Apex Hosting has a great infrastructure, including enterprise SSDs, fast processors, modding support, and reliable connections worldwide.

So, before you choose any server, I recommend testing the ping. I tested pings for different locations nearer to my location and found Mumbai showing the lowest ping of 52ms.

You can choose a list of data centers, including Portland, Los Angeles, Vint Hill, Montreal, Dallas, Sao Paulo, London, Tel Aviv, Sydney, Istanbul, Mumbai, Tokyo, Singapore, Frankfurt, and Gravelines. No matter your chosen data center, you will get advanced DDoS protection that helps you secure your saved games and files.

Apex Hosting Pricing

Apex Hosting’s Eco servers start at $7.99 monthly. All the packages include unlimited player slots!

3. Host Havoc

Configure your Eco game server hosting with Host Havoc and experience conservation-focused and collaborative gameplay.

With Host Havoc’s powerful hardware and high-quality upstream carriers for the game, I could easily set up the game server and start playing.

I loved the fact that Host Havoc allows players to manage their servers’ settings, content, and more on their own. Plus, it gives you full access to the file manager and FTP. Avoid long waiting times and get an instant response within 10 minutes to resolve your issues.

9 Best Eco Server Hosting to Use in 2024 | Geekflare (3)

Host Havoc uses high-quality Ryzen and Xeon CPUs, DDR4 and DDR5 memory, NVMe SSD drives, and up to Gbps uplinks. It has a TCAdmin v2 platform that is a robust and reliable control suite, offering a web console, file manager, workshop installer, log viewer, offsite backups, easy data restores, and more.

You will get worldwide data centers, including Los Angeles, Chicago, Dallas, Atlanta, Montreal, New York, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, London, and Sydney. Each data center contains DDoS protection that protects your system from complex attacks.

Host Havoc Pricing

Host Havoc’s servers for Eco start at $10 monthly.

4. PingPerfect

Instantly set up your Eco global survival game server account with PingPerfect and start playing your game.

I found PingPerfect to offer the fastest hardware so that you never face any disturbances in your server. Between your subscriptions, you can switch between games that are available on your server.

9 Best Eco Server Hosting to Use in 2024 | Geekflare (4)

PingPerfect’s easy-to-use game panel allowed me to change server settings quickly, and even opt for automatic updates. It supports one-click mod installation and full FTP access for expert gamers. I could customize my game server in no time with its configuration editor.

In the control panel, you will find a custom backup system to back up all your config and data files and restore them whenever you need.

PingPerfect houses its server in various locations, such as London, Germany, Netherlands, France, Poland, New York, Atlanta, St. Louis, Chicago, Dallas, Seattle, and Los Angeles. In every data center, you will find DDoS protection to protect your server and keep it online all the time.

PingPerfect Pricing

PingPerfect’s Eco servers start from $10.14 monthly.

5. Shockbyte

Host the Eco Global Survival server in your own dedicated server with Shockbyte and start your game in a few minutes.

I found the web interface of the server super cool and easy to use, even for beginners. It also runs updates in the background so that you can play without interruptions. You can upgrade or downgrade your subscription at any time directly from the client area with the same file settings.

9 Best Eco Server Hosting to Use in 2024 | Geekflare (5)

Shockbyte supports mod installation and provides self-serve guides that help you install and change settings as per your gaming needs. For seasoned players, Shockbyte has full FTP access, allowing them to independently change and manage server settings. You will get automatic backup options to store your saved games and config files on a separate server.

Shockbyte hosts its robust servers in different data centers, allowing you to choose your nearest location to experience low latency and high speed. You can protect your information and other essential files from DDoS attacks. It provides free subdomains, 24/7 support, a 100% uptime guarantee, and more.

Shockbyte Pricing

Shockbyte offers its Eco servers at a base price of $11.99 monthly, and includes 6 player slots.

6. Nitrado

Renting your favorite Eco global game server from Nitrado will give you plenty of features. You can install plugins and server mods easily from its game console. It allows you to share access with others and let them manage servers with shared permissions.

Interestingly, Nitrado follows the shortest internet routes for the lowest pings, providing a reliable game server. It also includes automated backups that save your ongoing game and files on a separate server. This allows you to get your saved game during a disaster or cyber attack.

9 Best Eco Server Hosting to Use in 2024 | Geekflare (6)

Nitrado’s data centers are situated in multiple locations, such as Sydney, Singapore, Miami, New York, London, Frankfurt, and Los Angeles. In every server you choose, you will find powerful DDoS protection to protect your server and keep it running so that you never miss your game.

Nitrado owns the fail-safe and high-quality server hardware to give you the power you need to play the game for long hours. You can switch between the games available on your server at any time. Also, it offers flexible runtime that fits your needs.

Nitrado Pricing

G-Portal offers multiple pricing options, and the base package starts at $6.59 monthly for 4 player slots.

7. G-Portal

Get premium Eco server hosting with G-Portal and set up your server instantly. It provides official servers for the Eco Global Survival game. You will get a 50GB backup storage space to store your saved configs and games.

G-Portal uses the latest SSD server hardware, giving you ground to play games without any disturbances. It allows you to switch between games that are available on your servers flexibly.

9 Best Eco Server Hosting to Use in 2024 | Geekflare (7)

With its easy-to-use game console, I could easily and quickly set up my game server. G-Portal offers high performance and low ping for all its servers. It also provides multiple-layer defense technology by partnering with Corero and Bulwark.

G-Portal Pricing

G-Portal has an ongoing Summer Sale with 15% off on all plans. So, the base package of $5.94 monthly is available for $5.05 for 4 player slots.

8. 4NetPlayers

Play your game effectively with 4NetPlayers’ high-end server hardware. Once you complete your purchase, your game server is ready so that you can start immediately and switch between games easily.

You can change your server location anytime you want with flexible options. 4NetPlayers automatically updates your server whenever a version is available without disturbing your current game.

9 Best Eco Server Hosting to Use in 2024 | Geekflare (8)

You will get ultra-fast NVMe disks and up-to-date hardware with your game server hosting plan. Also, you can access FTP and databases easily. 4NetPlayers lets you schedule your tasks like changing settings, configurations, etc.

Get worldwide data centers for the Eco Global Survival game, located in Portland, Dallas, Chicago, San Jose, West Palm Beach, Washington, Paris, London, Helsinki, Frankfurt, Madrid, Warsaw, Bucharest, Sydney, Mumbai, and Singapore.

All servers use high-end technologies like Intel or AMD CPUs, SSD disks, ECC RAM, and more. You will also get DDoS protection and highly stable servers. All these will help you get low pings and a trouble-free gaming experience.

4NetPlayers Pricing

Eco servers at 4NetPlayers start at $6.41 monthly for 10 player slots.

9. OVHcloud

Get Eco-dedicated servers from OVHcloud for your project and host your game easily with its multiple user-friendly packages. It uses high-end Intel and AMD processors, DDR3 and DDR4 memory, and NVMe and SATA storage for high-performance and lag-free experiences.

9 Best Eco Server Hosting to Use in 2024 | Geekflare (9)

OVHcloud has data centers in Australia, India, Singapore, Canada, the United States, France, the United Kingdom, Poland, and Germany. In every data center, they offer advanced DDoS protection and a 99.99% uptime guarantee. You can choose your nearest server location for high-speed and performance optimization for Eco servers.

OVHcloud Pricing

OVHcloud offers multiple options in its 3 pricing tiers, Kimsufi, So You Start, and Rise. The base plan is available on Kimsufi and starts at $5.99 monthly.

Now, let’s explore key factors to consider when selecting an eco-friendly server hosting provider.

Factors to Consider Before Choosing an Eco Server Hosting Provider

Let’s check some tips on choosing the right Eco server provider.

Types of Hosting

There are different types of hosting that you can choose according to your requirements. Whether dedicated or shared hosting, the one that suits your goal is the best thing to move with.

With shared hosting, you can use the server with other users on the same server hosting their games. With dedicated hosting, you will get a dedicated server for your game so that you can invite others to play the game.

Data Centers

9 Best Eco Server Hosting to Use in 2024 | Geekflare (10)

Data centers play a crucial role in considering the right hosting provider. You can check by testing the ping from your location. The lower the ping, the faster your game will be. Find out the closest data center that the hosting provider offers to your location to get high response and low pings.


Eco comes with heavy graphics and real-life visuals. So, it requires high-end hardware to run flawlessly. Make sure the hosting provider you choose contains enterprise-grade server hardware with the latest Intel and AMD CPUs.


While using a hosting provider, you could be at the risk of losing information. So, check if the service provider you choose provides advanced DDoS protection that can secure your information.


Uptime is a major factor while using the hosting services. The more the uptime, the higher the performance. Make sure the hosting services you choose provide high uptime of at least 99%.

Automated Backups

9 Best Eco Server Hosting to Use in 2024 | Geekflare (11)

Backup is a necessity if you want to store your saved games and files in a secure place separately. Many hosting providers give a separate server to store all your saved games so that during any disaster and crash, you can restore the same without any hassle.


Pricing is something that everyone’s looking at before buying anything. If you get all your required features at an affordable price or within your budget, you can choose that service.

Hosting Your Own Eco Servers vs Paying for It

Eco has become popular among gamers. However, to experience it to the fullest, you can choose from dedicated vs. shared servers for Eco or host a server on your own.

Hosting an Eco-game server by yourself helps you take complete control over your server configuration, contribution, and other things. If working with third parties is not your preference and you have a robust PC with sufficient resources, hosting the game on your own is definitely a good option.

For those, who want to get the best gameplay experience without taking stress on the settings or management part, you can choose the best shared hosting or dedicated hosting. The third-party services will handle your server, provide protection, offer data centers, and more.


Can I host my own eco server?

Yes, you can host your own eco server using your server resources.

How much does Eco server hosting cost?

An Eco server hosting might cost you around $5/month for 2-4 player slots. It varies according to the server provider, location, hardware, slots, and billing cycle.

What are the minimum server requirements for Eco?

You will require a 64-bit processor and Windows 10 OS, Intel i5 or AMD Ryzen 5 CPUs, 8GB RAM, NVIDIA GTX 970 or AMD Radeon R9 290 graphics, 4GB space, version 11 DirectX, and a broadband connection.

Final Words

I hope the above article gives you a clear idea of Eco game servers to get a wonderful gameplay experience. Choose your server based on performance, speed, reliability, security, and pricing without stressing management.

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9 Best Eco Server Hosting to Use in 2024 | Geekflare (2024)
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