APEX Hosting: Pricing, Ranking, Reviews and Opinions (2024)

Finding a Minecraft hosting provider is an important mission and there are several factors to consider: storage, speed, price. APEX is a mix of good virtues, quality and experience, since 2013 has provided the highest level of hosting service for Minecraft.

At APEX you can say goodbye to the feeling of lag, the powerful processors that make up its servers integrate cutting-edge technologies. It has a high clock speed processor, which resolves and processes all the information quickly, the operating conditions guarantee an uptime of 99% without interruptions.

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Reasons to Choose APEX Hosting in 2024

There are numerous reasons to prefer this hosting provider for Minecraft, among them: speed, ease, versatility. For a better understanding, let’s examine the reasons in more detail.

  • Server Reliability

APEX servers contain incredibly fast , state-of-the-art hardware with high-clock speed processors and SSDs that maintain guaranteed availability.

  • Fast and Easy Startup

Getting started with APEX is quick and easy, within minutes the server will be up and running; automated configurations make management easy. You will receive via email the credentials to log in to the control panel and register the free subdomain.

  • Optimized Control Panel

The powerful resources that APEX provides in its plans are managed from a control panel optimized for Minecraft. By accessing the console you will be able to edit, upload or download files; change the server; customization and monitoring.

APEX Hosting Services in 2024

The services offered by APEX have a specific feature in customization, it aims to improve the user experience through a simple configuration of the serve. It has 4 services of great relevance.

a. Game Server Hosting

Since 2013 offers hostingservices for video games, being Minecraft the precursor of a long list of games. It provides a hosting service for more than 10 video games.

b. List of Mod Packs

Offers dozens of optimized mod pack s for Minecraft that you can add with just one click. Each of the modpacks details the prerequisites and RAM requirements for adding them to the host.

c. Minigame List

Presents a list of mini-games configured and optimized by APEX agents, ready to play with various customization options. It also details the prerequisites for uploading the mini-games to the server.

d. List of Servers

If you are looking for the best Minecraft server, APEX can help you find it in craft list you have access to thousands of options with unique features for a Minecraft server.

APEX Analysis and Features

1. Usage for Minecraft

With APEX the player is exposed to a myriad of options for hosting, configuring and customizing Minecraft. Among the most recommended are: Bukkit, spigot, Sponge or Paper; playing with add-ons available from the hosting provider such as: Essentialasx, World edit, Permissionex.

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Among the uses for Minecraft APEX allows host modifications, by using Forge you can combine modifications and customizations. That is, you can add other popular Modpacks such as Voids Wrath Technic, Feed the Beast, ATL and others.

APEX allows the player a complete experience, in the Java version you get pre-made mini games like capture the flag, Factions among others. Finally, this hosting provider for Minecraft servers supports map generation, use pre-configured worlds or download them from any source.

2. Quality of Support

There are different methods to communicate and find support from APEX. The hosting provider has one of the best technical support rated according to user reviews.

Among its modalities are, live chat where you can talk to a live APEX agent. The ticket support, through the generation of a ticket, for this you must log in to the hosting.

The email in which you must add your data, issues and problems with specificity. Discord channel and social networks, in the 2.0 community you can communicate with APEX.

Finally, the hosting service has an extensive knowledge base with articles, tutorials and guides to configure or resolve issues. In this way, the technical support has an extraordinary quality 24 hours a day, with almost immediate response time.

3. Ease of Use

APEX host configurations are easy to access and use, with a web-based control panel customized for Minecraft. To generate a complete and effective experience for the player, they present a guide through audiovisual materials to support the first steps in hosting.

The hosting interface for Minecraft is automatic, with intelligent strategies that allow for seamless file management, configuration editing and server versioning. The ease of use extends to customization options and performance monitoring.

Add-on installations are usually guided and one-click. Getting started on APEX will only take 5 minutes with automatic activation.

4. Storage

Storage is one of the most important points that a player takes into account when hiring a hosting service. Fortunately, APEX plans come with unlimited storage.

For the good development of the Minecraft server, it must have a good RAM memory in order to avoid slowdowns, or a decline in resources. You can choose the amount of RAM according to the player’s characteristics and needs.

In APEX you can opt for 1 GB or 15 GB of RAM to provide your server with speed and power. The storage technology par excellence is NVMe SSD.APEX Hosting: Pricing, Ranking, Reviews and Opinions (3)

5. Domain Names

A domain is important to identify a server, however, APEX plans do not offer a domain to the player. Instead a free subdomain, which can be modified from the host settings.

The importance of the subdomain lies in the identification of the virtual room which facilitates access and recognition by the players. Memorizing an IP address can be somewhat complex.

6. Databases

Databases are important for every hosting provider, and without a doubt, specialists highlight this function. Storing player data, created worlds and add-ons is essential for performance monitoring.

Thus, APEX allows in all its plans free databases with MySQL systems to process data effectively. To create a database you only have to enter the control panel, go to the corresponding function and set a name for the database with administrator options.

7. Transfer

Can the player transfer a file to the server? APEX allows transferring, uploading, downloading and editing of files via Multicraft or FTP File Transfer Protocol. If a file exceeds the 500 MB limit, FTP, a program designed to transfer files over the Internet, is suitable.

The hosting provider allows in the transfer protocol to modify the Minecraft server. With the help of Widgets rename a file, send, create new files and upload from the computer.

8. Applications

Playing Minecraft on APEX hosts allows customization beyond the Vanilla Minecraft or normal Minecraft version. It provides the player with an offer in modifications (mods) and add-ons (plugins) these options ensure effective interaction with the game.

With mods you change the look of the game, you can have mod packs downloaded from official sites or online stores. APEX supports one-click modpack installers with knowledge base to understand their uses.

Plugins do not require installation by the player, however, you must have the Craftbukkit, Spigot or Paper server. The plugins guarantee the player fun and useful mechanics, building capabilities, adding prefixes and suffixes to names.

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9. Multisite

Creating different worlds on the Minecraft server, managing them and running them at the same time is possible with APEX plugins. Multiverse-core is an add-on supported by the hosting provider for Minecraft, you can find it on the Bukkit add-on page.

The add-on allows the player to have a number of worlds, to enjoy different experiences in each of the mini-games or dynamics. To download and install the add-on it is necessary to visit the guide in the knowledge base provided by APEX agents.

10. Security

The security infrastructure is one of the most important missions for APEX, at the beginning of your hosting they recommend you some functions to safeguard and avoid attacks in the future. In web sites, the protocol to provide security and privacy is SSL encryption, in Minecraft hosting the DDoS protocol is used.

This protocol will keep the server running at the expected availability, secure your files and protect the connection. APEX plans come with free DDoS security.

APEX Pricing and Promotions

APEX hosting prices vary according to the RAM memory capacity and resources provided to the user. There are 9 plans with invaluable features and prices.

Service OfferingPricingSavings
Basic Servers & some modpacks7.49 per month25% discount for the first month
Basic Servers & some modpacks11.24 Monthly25% discount for the first month
Basic Servers & most modpacks$14.99 Monthly25% discount for the first month
Basic Servers & most modpacks18.74 Monthly25% discount for the first month
Basic Servers & all modpacks22.49 Monthly25% discount for the first month
Basic Servers & all modpacks29.99 Monthly25% discount for the first month
Basic Servers & all modpacks37.49 Monthly25% discount for the first month
Only for Proxy2.99 Monthly25% off first month
Advanced servers & all modpacks44.99 monthly25% discount for the first month

APEX Promotions

The video game hosting provider’s promotions offers a 25% discount for all its plans through coupon codes. With them you can save up to $59.99 on the first month.

APEX Payment Methods

Payment methods vary according to the region in which the user is located. However, common methods have been proposed:

  • Credit and debit cards
  • Paypal and virtual wallets

Minecraft Hosting: How to Install APEX

To download and install APEX it is necessary to contact technical support for a better explanation of the software to be used. The agents will inform you of the strategies needed to install and configure the server.

In order to explain in broad strokes, we detail some steps to install.

  1. Choose and buy a plan
  2. Login to the control panel
  3. Confirm server credentials by email
  4. Enable instant configuration for a more streamlined process.

Normally, this provider usually takes minutes to activate, user reviews highlight this factor as one of its great strengths. The importance of technical advice is reiterated in order to avoid errors that may damage the server in the future.

Disadvantages of APEX Hosting

  • No Advanced Solutions

APEX plans have a great variety of enhanced resources, however, they do not offer advanced solutions such as VPS or dedicated connections. Instead, it maintains basic services and few advanced ones.

APEX Web Hosting Conclusion

APEX Hosting is a video game hosting provider , developed in 2013, combines practical features with quality and simple interface. The servers are attractive to the gamer due to the quality and technological resources it presents, which endow it with high availability, reliable hardwares and speed.

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Although the price is not the most affordable in the market, it has maintained a high esteem for the resources it offers. Some resources: Unlimited slots, automated backups, powerful control panel, preconfigured mini-games, instant configuration.

APEX is synonymous with quality, speed and power, if you want a quality experience this hosting is the one.

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This has been our summary about APEX Hosting for Minecraft, we try to be as objective and sincere as possible so that your decision when choosing this provider is the right one.

If you have suggestions or any comments you want to make about this review you can leave your comment below, we also invite you to review more of our web hosting reviews. Thanks for staying with us.

APEX Hosting: Pricing, Ranking, Reviews and Opinions (2024)
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