Apex Hosting Review: Apex Hosting Minecraft Server - Apex Hosting Panel (2024)

Apex Hosting Review: Apex Hosting Minecraft Server — Apex Hosting Panel

The following is a thorough overview of Apex Hosting that includes the features, pricing and pros and cons, and comparisons against different Minecraft hosting Platforms:

In this post, we will provide an in-depth look at the numerous features offered by Apex Hosting, and understand whether the price packages offer are reasonable. Learn the entire review and feature-wise comparison to other platforms to find out which one is the most reliable Minecraft Server Hosting?

Apex Minecraft Hosting is a standout among other companies in the marketplace. This guide will assist you to determine whether Apex hosting is worthy of your money.

Apex Hosting Review

Apex Hosting is a US-based company that was founded in 2013 with the intention (as they state) of “delivering the highest level of customer support to our Minecraft server hosting clients.” Apex Hosting is licensed by the state of Florida (the USA) with their principal office located in the sun-filled city of Sarasota.

For the data centers, users have the option of choosing from 18 locations across the globe this is an impressive amount of choices and an effective method to ensure that latency is kept at the lowest degree.

There are six cities within the USA (Portland, Las Vegas, San Jose, Dallas, Vint Hill, and Miami) and one of the countries listed below: Canada (Montreal), Brazil (Sao Paulo) in The UK (London), France (Gravelines), Poland (Warsaw), Germany (Frankfurt), Israel (Tel Aviv), Russia (Moscow), China (Hong Hong Kong), Singapore (Singapore), Australia (Sydney) and Turkey (Istanbul).

Interested In Apex Hosting?

Apex Hosting’s main website may not be as appealing visually as other websites we’ve come across in the past however, it is absolutely very easy to navigate. The majority of the information you’ll need to know can be easily accessible in a couple of clicks, which means there’s going to be no room for confusion.

Apex Hosting claims they utilize the latest hardware technologies to ensure that all their servers are fast and reliable. If you pair this along with “advanced” DDoS protection, “strong” 1Gbps connections, and RAID hard drives Your hosting experience will have the smoothest experience it can get. Online Data Entry Jobs in the USA originated from Pakistan. Salaries could surprise you.

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If you’d like to learn information regarding Apex Hosting (and even more about Minecraft) Don’t forget to visit Apex Hosting’s blog. They are also available on various social networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube (which has some great Minecraft tutorials), Instagram, Twitch, Discord, Snapchat, and even TikTok. We have compiled a list of the top Minecraft server hosting

Pricing Apex Hosting

Apex Hosting offers a wide array of plans to meet the needs of your Minecraft server hosting requirements (Image source: Apex Hosting)

Pricing And Plans

Apex Hosting offers ten Minecraft plans with the cheapest plan priced at $4.49 however, only for the first month (and renews for a fee of $5.99 each month) that’s more than double the cost you receive from some of its rivals. This plan gives you 1GB of RAM as well as “unlimited player slots”, however, if you decide to host the game with all your friends Don’t be too surprised should your system decide to explode (well it’s not actually happening).

It is normal to expect that the cost of packages goes up in line with the capacity of memory. In this case, the most expensive one (and an update to the range) includes 15GB of RAM for the cost of $59.99 initially (regularly costing $79.99) It’s an ideal choice for people who require extra plugins, advanced mod packs, and the possibility of adding all the people you know on their servers.

While there’s no free test, Apex Hosting provides a seven-day money-back guarantee that is always a great benefit to keep in mind.

For payment methods, Apex Hosting accepts credit/debit cards, PayPal and Stripe.

Plan Name Space RAM Price

Basic Servers 1 GB 1 GB $4.49 First Month

Basic Servers and Some Modpacks 2 GB 2 GB $7.49 First Month

Basic Servers and Some Modpacks 3 GB 3 GB $11.24 First Month

Basic Servers and Most Modpacks 4 GB 4 GB $14.99 First Month

Basic Servers and Most Modpacks 5 GB 5GB $18.74 First Month

Basic Servers and All Modpacks 6 GB 6GB $22.49 First Month

Basic Servers and All Modpacks 7 GB 7 GB $26.24 First Month

Ease Of Use

With the ten Minecraft plans, and they’re all presented well, choosing one plan is as simple as falling off the edge. Although it is claimed that there is no limit to slots for players in all the plans, there’s always a limit on slots. It’s usually determined by the amount of RAM in the game.

The good news is that users can modify their plans at any time. So when one plan doesn’t meet your requirements, there’s likely to be another that does. But, if no plan is a good fit for you, make sure to take advantage of their money-back assurance.

Once you’ve selected the server you want to use, you’ll need to define some of the details for the server (billing cycle as well as your Minecraft username as well as server version, and additional subdomains) and determine whether you’d like to add some add-ons to earn money (plugin installation, permissions set-up dedicated IP, as well as premium service).

There are two options to choose from for how often you pay (monthly or each quarter) which means you’ll pay just $2 by signing up for three months rather than one. In the next step, you’ll be required to fill in your personal details choose the payment method, set up your password, and proceed to the checkout.

Because Apex Hosting utilizes a customized version of the easy-to-use Multicraft to control its panel making sure your server is running and managing all aspects should be an easy process within a matter of minutes. Additionally, video tutorials are just a few clicks away with a single-click mod pack installer. This will surely make the process more simple.

Another important feature included in every package is automatic backups that will ensure security for your Minecraft world.

Performance Apex Hosting

We utilized GTmetrix to measure the response time and uptime for the Apex hosting server. (Image source: GTmetrix)

Experience And Speed

While they boast (and justly so) about hosting more than 200k Minecraft servers and providing the most efficient support within the entire business (which is not in the microscope), Apex Hosting brings the latest hardware features they have developed including “high clock speed” CPUs and the use of SSDs. This could indicate the highest TPS and fast servers for all their clients.

To determine the speed of their servers, we tested the speed of their main website using GTmetrix as our test tool. The results we obtained were quite impressive, with all of the important web metrics above the average, and are rated with the conclusive score of an A (100 100 percent).

Apex Hosting promises a 99.9 percent uptime, and as it was reported by UptimeRobot the company, you’ll likely maintain the promise. We observed Apex Hosting’s main site for a full month and were provided with a report that showed an impressive 100% uptime which was a pleasant surprise. No downtime was noted and even though there were a few fluctuations in response times but they should not have a significant impact on overall performance.

Support Apex Hosting

While we were skeptical of Apex Hosting’s claim that they have “the best support in the industry” we chose to give them a shot to show our doubts. Support for customers is offered all hours of the day via tickets as well as live chat, which they seem to take immense satisfaction in. Our experience with chat is well-organized and serves as a one-stop solution for all of the issues you might confront during.

The support representative we got to talk to was able to respond within five minutes and supplied us with all the information we needed to learn helpfully. If you’re on one of the social networks they’re on, you may be able to connect with them too.

Find answers to most hosting-related and Minecraft server-related queries on Apex Hosting’s know-how base (Image Credit: Apex Hosting) If you’d rather find solutions yourself Apex Hosting’s Knowledgebase is probably your first stop. However, the YouTube channel should not be missed as it has many easy-to-follow videos.

The Contest

The two Shockbyte, as well as Apex Hosting, are likely to be across the bulk of “best Minecraft host” lists, and with good reason. While Shockbyte offers more server options and a wider array of features, all for an affordable price, Apex Hosting is stronger in terms of support for customers.

BisectHosting is another company that has set out to create a Minecraft hosting experience as simple as it can be, similar to Apex Hosting does. It is, however, BisectHosting is slightly stronger in terms of options for packages as well as features and extras, whereas Apex Hosting provides superior support for its customers. Also, the daily backups that you receive with Apex Hosting are an excellent benefit.

A further difference between them is the variety of hosting options for websites (shared hosting VPS, dedicated server, and shared hosting) that you can avail yourself with BisectHosting however not with Apex Hosting since it’s focused on Minecraft. Another alternative for web hosting, and a very popular one is Bluehost as well, due to its attractive prices and a broad variety of hosting services that can meet all demands.

Another great (and beginner-friendly) option for people looking to create their own site is HostGator. Apart from everything you’d think of from a popular hosting provider, they also offer their own website builder that is easy to use as part of all hosted plans (even the most affordable one) as well as a 45-day cash-back assurance that includes “no questions asked”.

Final Verdict

There are a variety of reasons for Apex Hosting’s rising popularity among Minecraft users, which includes numerous server options, and total control over the server. When you add fast and smooth performance, backups, DDoS security, a simple control panel, and world-class support it’s hard for us to accept “no” to Apex Hosting.

The money-back guarantee maybe only is for 7 days, and may not appear very generous, it’s quite a bit longer than that offered by many of the company’s Minecraft-focused competitors. If you’re looking for a standard 30-day trial it is possible to test Hostinger as one of the top web hosting companies available both with and without Minecraft.

But, if you’re in search of a reputable and trustworthy hosting service for your site and aren’t sure what brought you here do not miss looking at Bluehost as well as HostGator.

We’ve also highlighted the best web hosting

FAQs About Minecraft Server Hosting

1.) What is the cost of Minecraft? Minecraft free?

Answer No, Minecraft is a Microsoft licensed game, whose price varies dependent on the platform version you want. The Windows version currently costs about $29.99 and the PS4 version costs about $19.99.

2.) What is Apex Hosting cost-free?

Answer Yes, it charges customers a fee based on the package they choose to purchase. Prices start at $3.99. They also provide a 25% introductory offer-off discount on sign-up.

3) Which are the essential requirements for hosting a Minecraft Server?

Answer The requirements you have will be based on the number of users on your server. The greater the number, the larger the recommended size of RAM. If, for instance, there are 10 players, then 1GB RAM is the recommended size.


Apex Hosting came late in the market but can make up for it with its practical features and incredible prices on the market. The interface for users is simple and attractive, it has ample storage. Apex provides a dynamic database that you can run your Minecraft server and is highly safe to use.

With an unstoppable up-time, it is the highest rating. If it can introduce a few additional features and continues to grow, then it’ll be safe to assume it will be the case that Apex hosting will take over the Minecraft Hosting industry within the next few months.

Apex Hosting Review: Apex Hosting Minecraft Server - Apex Hosting Panel (2024)
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