Balmy UK lido that swimmers say 'feels like Spain' with heated pool & sun deck (2024)

AN outdoor swimming pool in the UK has been compared to Spain thanks to its heated pool, sun terrace and outdoor amenities.

Charlton Lido in South London is home to a huge outdoor Olympic-size swimming pool, which is heated to 22C.


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The lesser-known lido has plenty of other features too, including a teaching pool and a sun terrace.

There's also a cycling studio, gym, indoor studio, BMX Race Track and a set of tennis courts on site.

Charlton Lido is managed by Greenwich Leisure Limited (GLL) on behalf of Greenwich London Borough Council.

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Balmy UK lido that swimmers say 'feels like Spain' with heated pool & sun deck (2)
Balmy UK lido that swimmers say 'feels like Spain' with heated pool & sun deck (3)
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It's arguably less well-known than other lidos in London like Brockwell Lido, London Fields Lido and Tooting Bec Lido, making it a quieter place to visit on a hot summer's day.

Over the past few months, Charlton Lido has been praised by visitors on both TripAdvisor and Google, with one person saying: "A great pool, it's rarely too busy and the pool temperature is perfect."

Another person wrote on Google: "Oh my lord, this is the place I've been searching for - they have a members area to sunbathe on loungers and it's practically empty.

"Then they have a spin station at the top of the pool, blaring out house music or whatever. I swear I feel like I'm in Tenerife."

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Someone else added: "An awesome lido, my new fave in London."

Designed by Harry Rowbotham and T.L. Smithson, Charlton Lido first opened to the public in May 1939.

The UK lido compared to Australia with amazing sea views from the pool - Instagram shoalstonepool

The south London lido temporarily closed during the Second World War before it reopened in 1946.

After suffering a loss in revenue, Charlton Lido closed to the public in 1989, becoming derelict in the early noughties.

The lido eventually reopened in 2013, following a £5million refurbishment project.

Located just five minutes from both Woolwich and Blackheath, Charlton Lido can be reached on several bus routes from central London.

London swimmers can also access the lido via a train from London Bridge or a tube on the DLR from Bank to Woolwich Arsenal.

Entry tickets cost £11.50 for a full-paying adult and £5.50 for children aged 3 and over.

Tickets should be booked in advance online - especially when the weather starts warming up again.

Charlton Lido isn't the only outdoor swimming pool in the UK that's been compared to more exotic destinations.


Shoalstone SeawaterPoolin Brixham is one of the few tidal pools left in the UK.

Along with other tidal pools such asMargate's Walpole Bayand Chapel Rock in Cornwall, Shoalstone is free to enter all year round.

TheDevonpool has been compared pools in much warmer climates thanks to its amazing views of the ocean.

The Lido Guide wrote: "Any swimmer who has spent any time at all looking at swimming-related social media feeds will be familiar with the Bondi Icebergs sea pool, even if they have never set foot inAustralia.

"We're not usually in thebusinessof comparisons [...] but in the case of Shoalstone, the comparison is so powerful it would be remiss not to mention it."

Meanwhile, this tiny UK lido has "chilled seaside vibes" as well as a beach-themed play area and cheap tickets for children.

The outdoorswimmingpool, at Ashby Leisure Centre, first opened in 1929.

Dubbed Ashby-by-the-sea by the banners surrounding it, it's the only public lido inLeicestershire.

I swear I feel like I'm in Tenerife

Travel writer Catherine Lofthouse recently visited the lido with her sons to see if it lived up to the hype.

She wrote: "The water was probably the warmest I've ever encountered in an outdoor pool and it was delightful for a dip.

"The lido itself is a bit back-to-basics, with 20 or so changing cubicles lining the walls, a couple of alfresco shower areas to rinse off in and a clutch of lockers which have seen better days.

"But it was a wonderful spot to while away a warm day."


Balmy UK lido that swimmers say 'feels like Spain' with heated pool & sun deck (8)
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Balmy UK lido that swimmers say 'feels like Spain' with heated pool & sun deck (9)
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Five new water attractions opening in the UK next year

  1. Therme Manchester will have 25 swimming pools, 25 water slides and an indoor beach.
  2. Modern Surf Manchester will be a surfing lagoon offering lessons to both beginners and experts.
  3. Chessington World of Adventures waterpark is set to have wave, infinity and spa pools as well as waterslides and cabanas.
  4. The Cove Resort, Southport is likely to have a water lagoon and a thermal spa with steam rooms and saunas.
  5. The Seahive, Deal plans to be the "surfing wellness resort" in the UK.

And here arefive outdoor pools that look like they're abroad.

Still want to see Australia without leaving the country?A seaside town in England is said to have beachesthat rival the land down under.


Balmy UK lido that swimmers say 'feels like Spain' with heated pool & sun deck (2024)
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