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Title: Method Acting - Going Method For Scream 6
Author: The Chemist
Characters (Sex): Samara Weaving
Codes: MF, Anal, Public, Outdoors
Disclaimer: I make no money from this work of fiction. Do not read if under 18. These events did not happen, I do not know Samara Weaving nor am I associated with them in any way. I also don’t know nor am I associated with any of the shows/studios mentioned, specifically Scream franchise or The Babysitter or its characters in any way

Summary - Samara Weaving does a rehearsal of her opening scene for Scream 6, only instead of a gruesome ending, it has one more pleasurable experience

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Sitting alone at the bar of a fancy restaurant, the gorgeous blonde looked out of place. Not because of what she was wearing, as indeed she looked fancy. However, it was due to the lack of a date that made the picture just seem wrong. After all, a woman that stunning could have any pick of a man, or woman, she desired.

Samara Weaving looked absolutely stunning in the ankle-length dress that hugged all her curves. For a slender, model-esque figure, the Aussie sported rather large tit*. Though the dress didn’t afford any cleavage, the material clung tightly to leave little to the imagination about the size of her breasts. Likewise with her ass, which was more firm and rounded than massive, though very appealing.

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Reaching into her handbag, the actress recognized the face that came up on the screen, knowing it was her date, who so happened to be meeting her at the restaurant. With a smile, as she’d been looking forward to tonight for awhile now, Samara swiped her finger across the screen before placing the phone to her ear

“Hi Reggie,” the Aussie greeted in her sexy accent.

“Samara. I know I’m calling right when I should be stepping in through the door but…”

“You’re running late?” Samara finished for him.

“Actually, I’m lost,” the man named Reggie replied. “That’s what I get for picking a trendy place with no sign out front.”

With a little laugh, as much from his comment as from her nerves, Samara added: “Why do they do that?”

“I don’t know, I've only been in the city a few months,” he disclosed.

“No way , me too,” the actress admitted. “Well, it’s a very cool restaurant.”

“Is it? And it’s on Hudson?” Reggie clarified.

“Yes,” she answered before hearing the man swear.

“And I’m not on Hudson. sh*t!” Reggie cursed. “But I’m now walking towards Hudson. This is embarrassing. And totally isn’t the first impression I wanted to make. Especially with the biggest scream queen in the business.”

Samara smiled but scoffed, showing her modest attitude. “Hardly. I’ve done a few horror movies but I’m hardly a scream queen.”

Method Acting - Going Method For ... - Chapter 113 - drchemist (3)

“Well…since we have another minute or so to kill, can I ask the Aussie scream queen what her favourite scary movie is?”

“Hmm…hard to choose,” Samara answered after a moment’s thought. “I’m a fan of slashers in general.”

“Why slashers?” Reggie added, the background noise of New York City filling the brief silence.

“You can really examine the cultures by looking at the tropes of the time. Like, the masked killer, the final girl. Then the different rules: don’t split up, don’t have…sex,” Samara explaining, feeling slightly bashful for saying the word sex to a man she was about to meet on a date.

Just as she was really starting to feel self-conscious, Reggie added a rule of his own. “Don’t answer the phone.”

“Exactly!” Samara exclaimed, happy she didn’t make things awkward. “They are total cliche, but out of cliches come opportunities for outside art.”

“Yeah…I’m more of a rom com guy myself,” he disclosed, making the Aussie giggle. “Okay, I think I’m on Hudson. What colour is the outside of the restaurant?”

“Red,” she answered, turning around to look out the window to see if he was visible.

Method Acting - Going Method For ... - Chapter 113 - drchemist (4)

“I don’t see anything red,” Reggie said after a brief pause.

“I could be wrong,” Samara said, getting up from her seat at the bar. “Let me have a looksie.”

As Samara rose from the bar, she clutched her purse in one hand and the phone in the other. It was a short walk to exit the front door, but in that time, all eyes drifted to the stunning blonde in the yellow dress.

“Okay…yup. It’s definitely red,” Samara said, standing outside and looking up at the building.

“Yeah I’m definitely not seeing anything red here,” his voice said into the phone, sounding slightly embarrassed.

“You sure you’re on Hudson,” the actress asked cheekily.

“”Crap! Still a block over, I guess,” he shared before his voice took on a more excited tone. “Oh! It looks like there’s an alley I can cut through. Is the restaurant near an alley?”

Samara instantly started looking around, swinging around in a circle until she caught sight of it. “Yes! Yes, there is an alley.”

Method Acting - Going Method For ... - Chapter 113 - drchemist (5)

“Oh okay great! I’m coming down it now,” Reggie told his date.

It was across the street and down a dozen metres or so, prompting the blonde to excitedly skip in that direction. Staring down it, the relatively short alleyway, which was maybe the width of a van and about 20 metres in length, it was devoid of movement. There were dumpsters, trash cans and ladders from fire escapes, but no 6’2 ruggedly handsome men.

Method Acting - Going Method For ... - Chapter 113 - drchemist (6)

Samara kept looking for another half-dozen seconds, excitement on her face but she saw no one still. “I don’t see you.”


Samara’s face scrunched up in confusion, prompting the gorgeous Aussie to wander to the edge of the curb. She waited for two cars to pass before stepping out and half-running across Hudson, waving at a taxi which had slowed down to let her pass.

Method Acting - Going Method For ... - Chapter 113 - drchemist (7)

“Well, um, there are dumpsters about halfway down,” Reggie described as Samara entered the alley.

“I see them but I don't see you,” the Aussie replied, stopping a foot into the dark, tight space.

“I don’t see you either,” he disclosed. “This is creepy, right?”

“Um…a little bit,” Samara smiled and laughed. “You’re sure you’re walking towards Hudson?”

“I’m sure,” he said with utter confidence. “Oh wait! I think I see you!” Not only did Samara’s face light up with another smile, but she started walking further into the alley. “Can you wave?” Once again, more steps down the dark alley.

Method Acting - Going Method For ... - Chapter 113 - drchemist (8)

“Can you see me?” Samara asked hopefully.

“Ummm…wait. The person I’m looking at isn’t waving,” he said, at which point Samara started to lower her arm and looked confused. “They’re just staring at me.”

“You’re sure?” The Aussie asked as she was left waiting for a reply for several heartbeats.

Method Acting - Going Method For ... - Chapter 113 - drchemist (9)

“Okay…this is weird. They are, um, moving towards me,” Reggie said, drawing a concerned look from Samara, though she didn’t move further forward. “Oh sh*t! He’s following me.”

Ever the empathetic person, Samara started walking further into the dark, scary alleyway, her head on a swivel as she looked for her date. Or really, any signs of human life. At this point, she was still visible from Hudson with that bright yellow voice, but the next comment got her moving again.

“Holy sh*t! He’s after me!”

“Where are you?!” Samara asked, sounding just as panicked as the man on the other end of the phone.

She was moving now, but Reggie wasn’t about to let her stop moving.

“f*ck me! He’s got a knife,” Reggie’s panicked voice sounded over the phone.

Samara was hustling down the alley now, or at least walking as fast as her silver high heels and long dress would allow. With adrenalin and worry fueling her, the Aussie continued moving until she was at least halfway down the alley, and with the lack of light and the steam coming from the various buildings and sewer grates, view was obstructed in either direction.

“And the worst part is…you love slasher films and still walked into a dark alley…alone,” Reggie said.

However, his voice changed from his normal pleasant tone to one of a synthesiser, one made popular in its use in the Scream movie franchise. And now, not only did Samara Weaving stop hustling head first down the alley, but she now was experiencing actual fright as she spun around, looking for threats.

“That’s not funny,” the blonde said, her tone low as she acted clearly afraid.

Samara’s eyes were locked down the even smaller alleyway in front of her. It was between two dumpsters, where only a small car could fit. It had various obstructions staggered on either side of the brick-lined wall, some trash cans, some stacked wooden skids. As she looked down it unblinking with her piercing blue eyes, she thought maybe she saw the outline of body but her concentration was soon broken.

Method Acting - Going Method For ... - Chapter 113 - drchemist (10)

“Ahh!” Samara screamed, her head snapping to the left in the direction of Hudson St.

It was a brief moment of steam clearing from the various sources so Samara could see. Instead of a knife-wielding murderer, there were a few teenagers, screaming and having a good time with each other at the mouth of her alley. Samara saw them and breathed a sigh of relief, realizing that the man, Reggie, was just being a massive dick to her. However, as the kids scampered off, Samara didn’t even get her head turned back to the creepy smaller alley when a man in all black and a mask came rushing at her.

“AHHH!” Smara screamed again as his hands closed around her shoulders.

“And now I’m stabbed,” the Aussie said, looking her man deep in his eyes with that little naughty glint she employed.

“Stabbed, huh?”

“Stabbed…a lot…and hard,” the blonde agreed, her eyes flashing down to his dick, denoting what she wanted to be stabbed by. “And in case it needed to be said, I do mean I want your dick stabbing into my puss*.”

“No, I got that,” the handsome man replied with a laugh.

“Then get that co*ck inside me…now,” the Aussie horror queen urged.

As Reggie crashed his lips against hers as they kissed with intensity, the man could barely believe this was happening. Only last week he’d signed up, or been admitted more like it, to the celebrity dating app. He was hardly a celebrity, but he’d done some guest spots on shows which was enough to meet the criteria. Never in his wildest dreams did he think someone as gorgeous as Samara f*cking Weaving would swipe on him. It wasn’t that he was ugly, but he wasn’t at the blonde’s level of attractiveness either.

Samara didn't actually hear Reggie as the Aussie was too consumed in pushing her dress up her thighs in order to remove her panties. Once pulled down her long legs, Samara decided to fold them up and slide them into Reggie's pocket, a trophy for him to remember this moment by. Plus, most serial killers kept a trophy from their victims, so it fit in perfectly with her method acting motif she was going for.

“You’re so f*cking sexy,” the lucky man commented between kisses.

“Then why aren’t you grabbing my ass or molesting my tit* to show me,” the blonde retorted, trying to remind the random man she met online of what she was entitling him to.

This time, as they re-engaged their makeout session, Samara not only felt the intensity kick up another gear, but also felt his hands on her body. Where they’d previously been touching the curve of her lower back or between her shoulder blades, now the lucky man slid them down and took two big palmfuls of her booty. It wasn’t massive, but it was perfectly toned and shapely; a wonderful little bubble butt in other words.

“Better,” Samara cooed into the kiss.

That single word acted as both a challenge, as well as encouragement for the man named Reggie. His grip on her ass got harder, almost to the point of discomfort for Samara, which was exactly what she wanted. She was disappointed when it ceased, but that was only so his hands could move up her body and grope her surprisingly large tit* for a girl her level of slenderness.

“Yes! Squeeze my f*cking tit*,” the actress hissed through clenched teeth.

Samara loved that he was getting into it, finally. The blonde had impressive tit* for her otherwise slender size, measuring somewhere in a B cup, if not a little more. Reggie started off with a mauling approach, squeezing and lifting them as he got a full handful of each, but as they continued kissing, she felt his pressure dropping. Apparently the man needed some extra motivation in order to stay in that aggressive mindset that Samara needed him to be at.

“What’s wrong?” Reggie asked as the Aussie pulled back from him.

“Remember…I need to feel overwhelmed. Therefore, anything goes,” Samara explained.


“Yes, silly,” the blonde replied with that naughty glint returning to her eyes. When he continued to stare at her with a questioning look, she gave a little sigh before explaining further. “Pull my hair. Spit in my mouth. Spank my ass raw. Hell, shove it up my clacker.”

Reggie took a moment to process all of her suggestions…but the last one confused him. “Clacker?”

“Right, this is New York, not Australia,” Samara replied. “Clacker. You know, you can shove your pecker in my bum.”

“Now that I understood,” he said, his boner straining even harder against his pants.

“Good boy,” Samara replied with that dangerous, wicked smile of hers.

This time, her words seemed to do the trick as Samara felt her tit* being groped even harder than before. As his one hand moved up her body in order to wrap in her silky golden hair and pull down sharply, Samara stopped herself from crying out, staring up at him definitely. He legitimately licked the side of her face before cramming his tongue as deep as possible into her mouth, restricting her ability to breath as a result.

It took Samara a moment to get to grips with this new side of the unassuming man, but she liked the transformation immediately. As he started to spank her ass, causing a nice sting to develop as well as make her cry out into his mouth, Reggie made short work of his belt. Soon popped open his pants, at which point he pulled his pants down to around his ankles, his co*ck already standing an erect 7 inches long.

"Very nice Reggie," Samara complimented, her hand subconsciously going to his hard co*ck and stroking it lightly. "This will do nicely."

"Huhuhuh," Reggie shuddered under light stroking.

The thought of warming up Reggie with a blowj*b didn't seem like a good idea to Samara in the slightest. For one, it was unneeded as he was already rock hard. For two, she was worried he’d pop his load way too soon. And three, she didn’t want to kneel in the puddle of muck at her feet. Interestingly, Reggie seemed to have a similar idea as he impressed his new found confidence and turned Samara away from him before bending her over at the waist to lean against the brick wall.

"Crap! I left wallet...condom," Reggie muttered, unable to make full sentences in his emotionally heightened state.

"It's don't need it," Samara confirmed, reaching her arm between her thighs and finding his co*ck. “Take what you want.”

“Well…in that case…”

Reggie trailed off his comment as he let actions speak for him. Gripping his dick, he rubbed the head of his dick through her folds, feeling his bulbous tip become a little slicker as her own juices transferred onto him. However, instead of pushing into her snatch, he aimed it higher until she felt pressure right against the very center of her asshole then steady himself there. He knew based on her comment from minutes ago that her asshole was fair game, but still wanted to give the slender girl the chance to change her mind about taking a stiff co*ck up the ‘clacker’ without lube of any sort.

Instead of backing away or readjusting him, Samara took a calming breath that was almost meditative before starting to pull him closer. Of course she had no leverage to do so, but pulling on his dick gave the clear message that he could push forward and enter her asshole.

"Do it. f*ck my ass," Samara pleaded, looking over her shoulder at him.

Despite her insistence, Reggie still fought the urge to rush. Though this was his first time giving a woman anal, he was still aware enough to know that shoving a relatively dry dick up someone's pooper was bound to be extremely painful. Thus, he slowly pressed against her asshole. Given how she’d relaxed herself already, he felt her start to open up, her anus collapsing under his insistent pressure until the head of his co*ck popped through.

"Ohhhh," Samara moaned, her eyes fluttering shut as she felt a stiff co*ck in her ass for the first time in several long months.

Pausing to let the Aussie adjust, Reggie groaned at the sight of this insanely hot 30-year old's asshole wrapped around his co*ck. It was so tight, not to mention naughty, that he was thankful for the small respite before pushing a little bit further into Samara's welcoming ass.

"Ooohh, you feel so good in my ass," Samara groaned as he started to slowly slide in and out of her ass.

Pulling back until just the head was still inside the sexy blonde, Reggie paused before pushing back in just a little bit further than he'd gone on the previous thrust. Repeating the process, he slowly worked his co*ck into Samara's tight ass. Finally pushing the last little bit into her bowels, he took a deep breath and paused with his pelvis pressed against the firm globes of her butt.

"Uhh...f*ck...So, how often do you do this sort of thing?" Reggie asked, gripping Samara's hips as he eased out of her.

"You want to know how many guys have f*cked my ass?" the Aussie asked, moaning as he pushed back into her. "Enough times so that you can feel comfortable opening the throttle and actually screwing me. Oh, and Reggie, don't cum too quickly."

Listening to her slightly cutting words, Reggie paired that with the information she wanted it hard. Therefore, he did as she wanted and stabbed inside her colon with a little more power, almost as a test. She gave a gutteral moan, but when she didn’t ask him to stop, he stabbed forward again. And again. And again.

"Ohh, f*ck, that's better!"

Samara grunted as her boy toy suddenly surged forward and made the empty alleyway echo with the sound of his pelvis slamming against her slim but bubbly butt cheeks. It had stung slightly since she hadn't been quite warmed up enough for it, but she liked that for today's ass f*cking.

"You want me to f*ck you harder?" Reggie panted, picking up the pace as her asshole clenched around his co*ck as only a 30 year old's sphincter can do.

"Yeah, do it," Samara ordered assertively, slipping a hand underneath her to play with her puss*. "f*ck my ass like you mean it."

Growling, the much taller man used his grip on her hips to pull her onto his co*ck. When Samara grunted, Reggie hoped it was out of pleasure and need and gave her another hard thrust. This time, there was no doubt as the Aussie's grunt was mixed with a moan of pleasure from getting her ass f*cked like she so desperately needed.

"That's it, stud," the stunning woman hissed, her fingers strumming her cl*t for a bit before dipping into her puss* and then back to her cl*t. "Ohhh, f*ck my tight little ass."

For the next several minutes neither of them spoke. However, that wasn't to say that there was an absence of noise. Quite the contrary in fact. There was the constant hum of pleasure being practically sung by the bent over and anally f*cked Samara Weaving. Reggie was grunting as well, making it a duet, a spike of pleasure each and every time his dick was swallowed by her very hungry ass. And then finally there was a repeated slap of flesh on flesh created when the tall man slammed his healthy-sized co*ck forward, his pelvis crashing against Samara's curvy ass.

"I can't believe I'm f*cking such a hot woman. In the ass!" Reggie gasped, watching his co*ck slam into Samara's asshole.

"Keep…ugh…f*cking…ahhh…going," Samara said, the nerve endings in her anus exploding in a mixture of pleasure and pain with each thrust.

"f*ck, I'm not going to last much longer," Reggie warned, the tightness of her ass combining with the fact he hadn’t been laid in awhile and getting to butt f*ck a complete stranger to weaken his stamina much faster than he would have liked.

"Not yet," Samara snapped in panic. It wasn't because she wanted to cum, furthest from that respect actually.

"I don't know if I-" Reggie started before being cut off.

"Last as long as physically possible," Samara snarled, using her arms to thrust back harder against his co*ck. “I’m not done with you yet.”

With very clear motivation, Reggie gritted his teeth, determined to hold out however long it took. That, of course, was a fantasy, especially since the extremely sexy woman was determined to spear her own bowels with his dick as hard and fast as possible. He only hoped that she'd hurry and get what she needed out of this tryst because he was fading fast, sweat dripping from his forehead as he struggled to keep from blasting a load of cum deep into her bowels.

"Sorry Samara. Can't last any longer," Reggie grunted, his org*sm now imminent.

"Cum for me then. Fill me," Samara urged, his dry co*ck still stinging her sphincter.

Her permission ringing in his ears, the overwhelmed man started f*cking her ass with little beyond his own pleasure on his mind. Slamming into her welcoming asshole, he started to feel the cum rise in his balls. Pushing deep into the hottest woman he’d seen in the restaurant that night, he let out a loud groan as the first shot of ji*zz exploded, splattering against Samara's insides.

"OHHHH," the Aussie squealed, finding herself enjoying the feel of his repeated spewing of his cum against the walls of her colon.

With Samara's asshole clamped tightly with unreal strength around his co*ck and milking him dry, Reggie pumped her full of his cum. When her muscles finally loosened up enough for him to withdraw his co*ck from the tight confines of her ass, he leaned back against the opposite brick wall, panting to catch his breath.

"Mmm," Samara cooed, turning around to face the exhausted man, cum still held in her anal cavity.

"That was, wow," Reggie gasped, staring at her beautiful face though she only had eyes for his still hard co*ck

"Well thanks," Samara commented as she felt the trickle of sem*n running out of her anus and down her inner thigh. “That was exactly what I needed.”

And just like that, Samara Weaving exited the dirty alleyway, leaving a still stunned Reggie behind.

Method Acting - Going Method For ... - Chapter 113 - drchemist (2024)


What is the Method in Method acting? ›

The Method trains actors to use their physical, mental and emotional self in the creation of a character and stresses the way in which personal experience can fire the actors imagination. It eschews clichés and pursues individual authenticity and a reality deeply grounded in the given circ*mstances of the script.

What strategy is used in Method acting? ›

Techniques. Among the concepts and techniques of Method acting are substitution, "as if", sense memory, affective memory, and animal work (all of which were first developed by Stanislavski). Contemporary Method actors sometimes seek help from psychologists in the development of their roles.

What is the dark side of method acting? ›

Possible psychological effects of Method acting

Emotional distress: This immersion can trigger emotional suffering, particularly when actors portray traumatic or challenging roles. Performers may find themselves wrestling with feelings of sadness, anger, or fear long after the cameras stop rolling.

Is method acting hard? ›

The intense emotional demands of method acting can lead to emotional exhaustion, anxiety, and burnout if self-care is not prioritized. Method actors may struggle to separate themselves from their characters, blurring the lines between their personal and professional lives.

How to practice method acting? ›

Some typical Method acting exercises include:
  1. Relaxation: The typical relaxation exercise asks actors to move every body part from their fingers to their facial muscles in small circles. ...
  2. Sense memory: Sense memory exercises encourage actors to use all five senses to recall physical sensations from their memory.
Sep 29, 2023

What is method acting for dummies? ›

“The Method” teaches that an actor must be totally relaxed so that they can totally invest themselves in the character. I like to think of this like a medium at a seance in an old movie. The actor totally embodies the character, sometimes to the point that it is hard to let the character drop after a scene.

What is the best acting method? ›

The Stanislavski method inspired the Method Acting technique developed by Lee Strasberg, and it's one of the most popular today. Again, the idea is for the performance to be as emotionally realistic as possible. Actors are taught how to use their own experiences to recall a strong emotion from their past.

What does it mean to go Method? ›

"To go method" means that an actor uses method acting to create a character: As for "there is (plural)", you probably heard "there's (plural)". Grammatically this is no different, but when speaking you will find that "there's" slips out more easily than "there are".

What is method acting technique for beginners? ›

Understand that Method Acting is an exercise of using emotional memory to bring out the emotions of a character. It is not attributing your everyday life to a character. Develop your emotional or thinking memory by trying to think of memories from your past that move you in a certain way.

What are the main methods of acting? ›

The Main method is the entry point of an executable program; it is where the program control starts and ends. Main must be declared inside a class or struct. The enclosing class can be static .

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