MLB The Show 24: What Can We Expect In Season 2? (2024)

As we all know, Ultimate Team mode has undergone some major adjustments because of the introduction of Seasons mechanic, bringing new fun to players throughout the game lifecycle. With MLB The Show 24 Season 2 about to begin, Diamond Dynasty is expected to usher in some exciting new changes.

In fact, after the end of Chapter 1, the developers listened to some player feedback and said that they would make some core changes to the way XP Reward Path works in Season 2, which will make it easier for ordinary players with limited time to get started.

Here, we will talk about all the details we know so far about the upcoming new content in MLB The Show 24 Season 2. Without further ado, let’s get started!

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Start & End Date

The start date of MLB The Show 24 Season 2 has been confirmed as June 7, 2024. The expected time is 12pm PST (3pm ET / 8pm BST).

Once the season goes live, it is expected to last approximately 12 weeks, just like Season 1. The current expected end date for Season 2 is August 29, 2024, but this is subject to change.

If the previously announced schedule holds, Season 3 will last until November 22. With the update to Season 2, we’re guessing that Season 4 will most likely be the last season of MLB The Show 24. So this will be the last hurrah for MLB this year as fans once again turn their attention to MLB The Show 25.

Changes To XP Reward Path

While Seasons mechanic originally introduced in MLB The Show 23 was a welcome move as many complained about the impact of Power Creep in previous years, this implementation in Diamond Dynasty has not been well received.

The developers heard strong criticism from players about the time it took to earn cards in Season 1 XP Reward Path, and they decided to make changes in Season 2.

This XP Reward Path in Season 2 will allow players to progress faster. After the release of Season 2, multiple Diamond Dynasty modes will offer over 200,000 XP. They will also be launching Double XP Weekends starting on June 7th, where the game XP cap will double to maximize all the time players have as they enter the new season.

Wild Card Slots Mechanic

With the start of Season 2, Wild Card Slots mechanic will go live in Diamond Dynasty. Cards marked as Core can be used in every season without issue. Unfortunately, S1 cards will now only become part of a valid Season 2 lineup if used in a Wild Card Slot. But all cards marked as S2 will be eligible during Season 2.

It’s worth noting that Ranked Solo will always have a Season restriction, and sometimes the same requirements are enforced in Conquest, Mini Seasons, Battle Royale, and Events.

However, Ranked Co-Op, Play vs Friends, Play vs CPU, and Casual Head to Head will remain unrestricted and allow lineups to use cards from any season. What’s more, there are additional Wild Card Slots that can be unlocked in Season 2 XP Reward Path.

Tons Of New Players Available

In addition, Team Affinity Program will introduce many new players in Season 2, and Chapter 1 is expected to bring 30 new 89 OVR cards.

New Cornerstone Cards will be released at the beginning of the season, and players can use these cards to build their own teams, as they provide attribute upgrades to the team. If you want to get these cards early, it is crucial to stock up on enough MLB The Show 24 Stubs in advance.

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Meanwhile, Season Awards program will continue in Season 2, which has introduced new cards every week since the game’s release.

Season 2 will also pay tribute to three legendary players who are set to be inducted into National Baseball Hall of Fame. The developers have confirmed that a ton of content will be released to celebrate, so we can expect a show or event centered on these players.

New Negro Leagues Storylines

While we’re here, we have to talk about the unsung history of Negro Leagues. Prior to release, the developers confirmed that Season 2 would offer a total of ten Negro Leagues Storylines. With the latest update and the new Season of Diamond Dynasty coming soon, the last three Negro Leagues have also been added to the game.

It must be said, however, that MLB The Show 24 did not offer all ten of this year’s Negro Leagues Storylines at launch, but rather slowly rolled them out after the global release date.

Players can unlock 85 OVR versions of each player by completing these Negro Leagues Storylines. While 85 OVR may not be ideal for some players at this point, the upcoming Season 2 of Diamond Dynasty also means that specific cards from Season 1 are no longer valid unless used with Wild Card Slots.

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These are core cards that are available year-round, so they are good team investments to level up in parallel to higher levels. You’ll also earn some Bat skins, Uniforms, Stadiums, XP, and Stubs for completing these storylines.

For those looking to beef up their roster while completing Season 1 challenges and accumulating XP before Season 2 begins, all Negro League cards unlocked in Storylines are now buffed to 99 OVR until Diamond Dynasty season begins. So, check them out now!

That’s all we know about the new content available in Season 2. Knowing this will give you a head start in the new season!

MLB The Show 24: What Can We Expect In Season 2? (2024)
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