What Is A Pool Heater Bypass? (2024)

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What is a pool heater bypass and why would you need something like this on your pool system? Just as it sounds a bypass allows you to divert water away from your pool heater. There could potentially be a number of reasons to do this but certainly the most common would be to prevent from sending poor quality water through your pool heater. High sanitizer levels (high chlorine levels) as well as low pH levels are known to be very hard on pool heaters. High alkalinity, high pH and imbalanced saturation index values leading to a scaling state are also known to cause damage to pool heaters. Any time you know that your pool water quality is poor you would benefit from taking the heater offline for a short while while you fix the problem. This is especially true if the chlorine levels in the pool are about to be increased as part of breakpoint chlorination.

An internal bypass in a heater, like some models of Jandy pool heaters, have the ability to divert water away from the heater automatically when there is no call for heat. This results in a substantial increase in system efficiency as pool heaters are a known restriction to flow. However, the internal bypass still allows some water through the heater to avoid allowing water to sit stagnant inside of your heater. An external bypass is a configuration of pool valves that allows you to manually control the amount of water going to your pool heater, and this is ideal for when you need to remove the heater from the system for 24 hours while you complete your breakpoint chlorination to remove spent chlorine (chloramines) from your pool water.

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What Is A Pool Heater Bypass? (2024)
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